B&H Dairy Lunch New York City: AN AMERICAN RELIC!

Entering the quaint B&H Dairy Lunch in NYC's East Village is like stepping back in time. B&H Dairy opened in 1938 and is one of the last standing kosher vegetarian luncheonettes in the city. Known for their homemade soups, baked goods, salad platters, sandwiches, egg dishes and Eastern European comfort classics like pierogis and blintzes, this charming lunch counter is the perfect escape for a wholesome, home-cooked meal away from the bustle of Manhattan.

Although they claim "Better Health" on their sign, there is nothing light about the rib-sticking, satisfying food at B&H. And despite the fact that they are technically a vegetarian establishment, B&H offers seafood dishes for those craving protein. We tried the smoked white fish "Overstuffed" sandwich on challah bread and an order of pierogis with sour cream (two potato and two sauerkraut w/ mushroom). Everything tasted fresh and flavorful like something you'd eat at your grammy's house.

The highlight came at the end with our order of scrumptious pan fried blintzes, one filled with sweet ricotta cheese, one with bright blueberry pie filling and the other with tart cherry pie filling, all served with cool sour cream. We couldn't think of a more gleeful way to top our diner experience and we sauntered out of B&H Dairy imagining what we would enjoy the next time we inevitably return. As one Yelp reviewer perfectly stated, "This place is a secret factory of happiness."

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