The Zoom Zone

Add some flavor to your next virtual meeting with these FREE high-res Snaxtime Zoom backgrounds!

Free Zoom Background - Retro Pink Kitchen

Retro Pink Kitchen

Retro pink kitsch kitchen with yellow cookie jar. Perfect for at-home cooking shows.

Free Zoom Background - Retro Wallpaper with Phone

Retro Wallpaper w/ Phone

Retro flower wallpaper with donut-kitten framed artwork and turquoise wall phone.

Free Zoom Background - Pink Couch Kitten Portrait

Living Room Couch

Pink leather couch with grandma crochet afghan blanket, 2-liter bottle of Diet Cola and framed kitten portrait. Wood panel background.

Free Zoom Background - Looney Tunes That's All Folks Fast Food

"That's All Folks!"

Looney Tunes inspired backdrop with fast-food icons and a bright yellow and purple circle frame.

Free Zoom Background - Fast Food Menu Board Cheese Seafood Hot Dog Happy Meal Toys

Fast Food Restaurant Counter #1

"Can I take your order?" Fast food menu board with hot cheese dispenser, Seafood Dog promo and kids menu w/ toys.

Free Zoom Background - Fast Food Menu Dessert Soft Serve Ice Cream

Fast Food Restaurant Counter #2

Fast food menu board complete with a variety of snacks and sides, desserts, coffee, and soft-serve ice cream machine.

Free Zoom Background - Retro Arcade Game Pizza Restaurant Disco

Pizza Nightclub Restaurant #1

Flashy neon pizza-themed nightclub restaurant with retro pizza arcade game.

Free Zoom Background - Pizza Restaurant Nightclub Neon Lights

Pizza Nightclub Restaurant #2

Pizza Princess nightclub with velvet rope and pizza-shaped neon lights.

Free Zoom Background - Pizza Restaurant VIP Cocktails with Shrimp

Pizza Nightclub VIP Section

Take a seat in this plush VIP booth, complete with colorful, tropical drinks and fresh shrimp cocktail.

Free Zoom Background - Western Landscape Fried Chicken Sandwich Tater Tots Corn Dogs

Deep Fried Western Landscape

Deep fried chicken sandwiches, sesame buns, corn dog cacti, and rolling tater tot hills make up this golden desert landscape straight out of the Wild West.

Free Zoom Background - Executive CEO Office with Microwave and junk food

Snaxtime Executive Office

Conduct your meetings from the comfort of this corner office with the best city views. Snacks, a can of diet cola and microwave included.

Free Zoom Background - Retro diner with menu board

Retro Diner w/ Menu Board

Take a seat at the counter in this retro-kitsch diner. Yelp reviewers say the Egg Salad Boat "can't be beat." 

Free Zoom Background - Candyland Fantasy Ice Cream Cupcakes S'mores Dessert

Candyland Fantasy

From cupcakes and ice cream to s'mores and gum drops, escape to a sugary sweet world where calories don't count. Perfect for two participants. 

Free Zoom Background - Cotton Candy Cookies Rock Candy Marshmallows

Cotton Candy Fantasy

This fluffy cotton candy land features delicious marshmallow friends, rock candy mountains and a chocolate chip cookie moon.

Free Zoom Background - Home Shopping QVC HSN Canned Food Meat Salad

Home Shopping Meat Salad Special

Show off your hosting abilities with this home shopping food show set, featuring a variety of creamy gourmet meat salads that will surprise and delight.

Free Zoom Background - Retro Pink and Blue Bathroom with Bubblegum Toothpaste

Pink and Blue Bathroom

Don't forget to brush your teeth as you gaze into the mirror in this retro blue-tiled bathroom set. Yummy bubblegum toothpaste included.

Free Zoom Background - Breakfast food eggs bacon toast cereal coffee

Deluxe Breakfast Spread #1

You're the centerpiece in this delicious breakfast feast. Featuring eggs and bacon, toast, cherries, cereal, coffee and more.

Free Zoom Background - Breakfast food, donut, pastries, fruit, eggs, meats

Deluxe Breakfast Spread #2

A delectable mix of cookies, donuts, pastries, fruit, eggs, and cured deli meats. There's something for everyone!

Free Zoom Background - Fast Food Menu Cheese Hot Dog Cheesedog

Cheesy Double Dog

Menu board detail with a cheesy cheese dog.

Free Zoom Background - Fast Food Menu Double Cheeseburger Hamburger

Double Cheeseburger

Menu board detail with a mouthwatering double cheeseburger.

Free Zoom Background - Fast Food Menu Filet O Fish

Classic Fish Deluxe

Now with 'Reel' Fish!

Free Zoom Background - Outer Space cheese hot dog rocket on the moon

Lunar Landing w/ Cheese

The moon really IS made of cheese! Launch off in a hot dog rocket and explore this delicious new frontier.

Free Zoom Background - Fast Food Slurpee Icee machine

Frozen Drink Machine - Restaurant Kitchen

Pick your favorite flavor and fill up your cup! Watch out for brain freeze!

Free Zoom Background - Pizza Restaurant Delivery

Pizza Restaurant Kitchen

Get them pizzas ready for delivery! Easy-to-follow choking first aid instructions included.

Free Zoom Background - Mexican Tex Mex Food burritos nachos tacos flan

Mexican Fiesta

Make your friends hungry with this tex-mex extravaganza, complete with burritos, guacamole, tacos, nachos, salsa, and flan.

Free Zoom Background - Pizza Rat 8-bit arcade retro video game

Retro 8-Bit Arcade Video Game

Watch out for Pizza Rat in this throwback pizza arcade game.

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