Conguitos, Turrón & Haribo Favoritos, Mega-Roulette & Cápsulas: SPANISH CANDY OVERLOAD!

Check out this sweet selection of Spanish candy and treats that we found in Madrid!

Turrón de Yema: This typical Spanish confection is a nougat made from toasted almonds and honey or sugar. This version also has yema, or egg yolk, which makes it extra rich and creamy. One of our favorite foods!

Conguitos: This classic Spanish candy marries tiny Spanish peanuts with sweet dark chocolate. The roasted peanut flavor goes perfectly with the vibrant cocoa taste. So incredibly yummy!

Haribo Cápsulas: These are kind of like Good 'N Plenty, but way more intense! Super bold licorice capsules are coated in a sugary, crunchy candy coating. The aftertaste if very astringent, like Listerine! We dig 'em but they're certainly not for everyone.

Haribo Mega-Roulette: So simple! Round, fruity gummi coins are stacked in a roll. The flavors come in pineapple, cherry, lemon, orange and lime.

Haribo Favoritos: In this mixed bag, Haribo combines its "favorite" varieties of gummi candy. We were able to discern banana, strawberry, strawberry creme and peach. All of these delectable flavors are also coated in crunchy sugar crystals. SCORE!

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