DAB & Sülzkotelett (1968): BEER 'N' MEAT EXTRAVAGANZA!

    via Bronko flickr

This is one of the most intriguing vintage food pictures we have ever encountered! It is from a 1968 German meat cookbook called Ausgewählte Fleisch Rezepte from the food processing company Dr. Oetker. The picture depicts the German beer DAB alongside Sülzkotelett, a type of aspic (a savory dish of ingredients set in gelatin made from meat stock or consommé) with meat scraps and other ingredients that is formed into a steak shape. It is certainly worth noting that the alternating direction of olive halves in this particular Sülzkotelett is an elegant and beautiful touch that makes all the difference in presentation.

While we could stare at this picture all day, this meal might be a little too German for us to enjoy. That being said, we can't help but wonder what it tastes like. Maybe it's utterly delicious, or maybe there's a reason why we've never seen this on a dinner menu. One thing is for sure, if you serve this at your next dinner party, your guests will be talking about you for weeks to come!
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