Dr. Pepper & A&W Root Beer Flavored Candy Twists

We should start off by saying that Twizzlers Candy is one of our least favorite foods in the world. It tastes like raw flour (flour is a main ingredient) and the consistency is like eating birthday candles. But we do enjoy Dr. Pepper and A&W Root Beer so we were hesitantly excited to discover these candy twists flavored like the popular soda brands.

What struck us most after opening the packaging was just how much these candies smell like the sodas, which isn't too surprising since the ingredients list "Dr. Pepper Concentrate" and "A&W Root Beer Concentrate." They taste very much like the sodas too, but unfortunately the texture is waxy like Twizzlers and there is that lingering flour/play-dough flavor. But if you love licorice twists like Twizzlers and you enjoy sipping on Dr. Pepper or A&W, then go ahead and keep an eye out for these fun and seemingly rare snack food products!
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