Gingerbread M&M's: Holiday Candy in Review

More than any other year, snack food products in 2013 are being released in unique seasonal flavors and limited editions. This Christmas season, M&M's is hopping on the gingerbread bandwagon with their limited edition Gingerbread M&M's. These M&M's are a little plumper than regular M&M's and come in signature M&M's dark brown, bright holiday red and green.

Overall, the candies are quite toothsome and surprisingly addictive. The gingerbread flavor is a tad artificial tasting (they taste like the smell of gingerbread candles), but it's subtle enough that it isn't cloying and the patented M&M's milk chocolate candy taste is really what comes though. These rare novelty candies are perfect for a Christmas party snack offering because people will enjoy savoring and discussing the distinctive taste. We say go ahead and grab a bag if you're lucky enough to find one!

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