Hostess Milky Way M&M's Brownies: CANDY COLLISION!

Hostess is teaming up with Mars, Incorporated to bring you Milky Way and M&M's Brownies. We taste tested these new chocolatey treats and here is what we found!

Hostess M&M's Brownies are the more fun and colorful of the two new products. The flavor is straight chocolate with the M&M's adding a touch of whimsy and a nice candy crunch. We enjoyed them overall, but found the texture to be bordering on dry.

Hostess Milky Way Brownies may not look as playful or exciting as their counterpart, but they have more depth of flavor thanks to the caramel icing and candy bar bits. These brownies were more fudgy and moist and we enjoyed the flavor more than the M&M's.

Both of these new novelty Hostess snack products are amusing and tasty and certainly worth trying. We say grab a box of each and have fun hosting a taste test of your own with friends and family!

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