IHOP Blackberry Lemonade Criss-Croissant

In this post-Cronut snack world we find ourselves living in, it's fascinating to see what different food brands and restaurants come up with. IHOP has just revealed their newest creation, the Criss-Croissant, a croissant baked in a waffle iron then filled with cream and topped with fruit.

We love eating at IHOP. We frequent the 14th Street location in NYC because the service is always impeccably friendly and fast and the food never disappoints. We went for lunch the other day with the sole purpose of trying the Criss-Croissant, which will be available for a limited time only. We opted for the Blackberry Lemonade version over the Strawberry Rhubarb and added on some pork sausages.

The Criss-Croissant itself was pretty tasty. It was flaky and doughy at the same time and had a nice baked butter flavor. We did not care much for the lemonade flavored cream filling because it tasted too artificial. The blackberry topping was very sweet and we definitely did not need to add any syrup, which is great if you're counting your calories. The whipped cream topping was a welcomed touch and helped override the chemically lemon taste. We liked the overall effect of the Criss-Croissant and appreciated the novelty of the new item, but ultimately the artificial lemon flavor brought our experience down a notch. Perhaps we would have enjoyed the Strawberry Rhubarb version better as it comes with a plain sweet cream filling.

On a side note, the pork sausages were perfection with a snappy bite and bursting with fatty goodness. Our friend's Chicken & Waffles was spectacular as well and we found ourselves wishing we had ordered that instead.
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