IHOP Double-Dipped French Toast: NEW BREAKFAST TREAT

"It's BREAKFAST, dipped in BREAKFAST, for a taste that'll make you smile" - IHOP

IHOP is closing out the summer season with a double dose of breakfast fun! Their new Double-Dipped French Toast uses thick slices of sweet brioche bread that are dipped in rich vanilla custard then dipped again in cornflakes and oatmeal. We tried the Cinnamon Sugar variety which is generously dusted in cinnamon sugar and topped with silky whipped cream.

The cinnamon taste and texture from the cornflakes reminded us of the Tex Mex classic, fried ice cream! We enjoyed the dish with lots of IHOP's maple (flavored) syrup and with 2 slices of smoky bacon. The french toast itself was moist and fluffy and the flavors were pleasant, but we found the texture to be a bit dull because of the oats. While we happily ate the new item down to the last bite, we were left wishing we had ordered pancakes. But one thing is for sure, the addition of wholesome cornflakes and oats gives this dish a healthful and satisfying feel.

For a limited time. Also available in Lemon Strawberry.
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