Little Debbie Banana Marshmallow Pie: Best of America's Snacks

We are taking a bite out of America's best snack foods!

The MoonPie has been an integral part of American Southern snack food culture for nearly a century. Songs have been written about the MoonPie and nearly every Old-Timey country food store carries them. While they are usually chocolate flavored, vanilla, strawberry and banana flavored MoonPies are quite common as well.

Little Debbie takes on the Southern tradition with their Banana Marshmallow Pie: soft marshmallow is sandwiched between two graham cracker cookies and the whole thing is dipped into a banana flavored confectionary coating.  Although there aren't any actual bananas in it, the first thing you'll notice when ripping open the wrapper is the pleasant banana pudding scent. The flavor of the coating is also intensely banana, which combines perfectly with the spiced cookies and fluffy sweet marshmallow. Little Debbie's Banana Marshmallow Pies are the perfect snack size, too. At only 190 calories, these fruity cookie treats are easy on the hips!

Also available in chocolate.

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