McDonald's Czech Republic - 'I'm Lovin' It' in Prague: Snaxtime Global Special Report

What's so fascinating about McDonald's global presence is that whenever McDonald's sets up shop in a different country, they take the time to create a menu that not only offers its signature American flavors but also new flavors that cater to the local customer base they are feeding. Every McDonald's menu is different depending on where it is located. McDonald's in the Czech Republic is no exception to this rule. The menu items here are designed to keep locals saying "I'm Lovin' It" till the last bite. We ate at a McDonald's/McCafé in Prague and were delighted to discover so many new tasty menu items that are not available in the USA. Rather than order a Big Mac and fries or some Chicken McNuggets (which they do offer), we ordered items not available in American McD's!

La Baguette w/ Waffle Fries: McDonald's sizzling beef patty on a fresh baguette with lettuce, red onion, swiss cheese and a dijon sauce! The waffle fries are seasoned just right!

Fried Shrimp: 3 perfectly fried shrimp!

Brie Cheese Nuggets w/ Berry Sauce: Crisp on the outside and creamy smooth on the inside, with a sweet berry sauce for dipping!

Pilsner Urquell: The Czech Republic's most popular beer is available at McDonald's!

Cherry Cake: A McCafé offering of chocolate sponge cake filled with sweet cream cheese custard and topped with juicy sweet cherries!

Apple Pie: Stuffed with spiced apples like it is here in the USA, but this pie is fried!

Fish Sticks: 4 crispy fish sticks in a paper sack. Yum!
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