"It mostly works!"
                       - McDonald's

McDonald’s is promoting their new line of Signature Crafted Recipes sandwiches with a ridiculously genius new marketing gimmick, the FRORK! With the Frork, diners create their own fork using fries as prongs. The new sandwiches, which come in Pico Guacamole, Sweet BBQ Bacon or Maple Bacon Dijon varieties, are so loaded with toppings that McDonald's has supplied us with a Frork to fork up all the goodness that will inevitably fall out.

Does it work? Not really, but that's OK because the Frork is the kind of frivolous fun that'll brighten up your day for about 2 minutes. Even McDs admits the ludicrous nature of its own utensil by describing it as "USELESSLY USEFUL!"

To assemble your own Frork, squeeze the rubbery Frork open, insert three of your best, short stabby fries into the opening then release. We had fun making our Frork but we didn't really need to use it as our sandwich toppings didn't fall out. We kind of wish the Frork had permanent plastic fries as prongs instead of us having to use real fries, but that would take away from the interactive "play with your food" nature of the product.

Get your own Frork with the purchase of any Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich combo TODAY!

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