McDonald's Redondo Glaseado: GLAZED SPANISH DONUT

You're not going to find this glazed donut at your local McDonald's, you'll have to travel to Spain! McDonald's España's Redondo Glaseado (glazed round) is offered for breakfast alongside the Redondo Bombón (chocolate round). We tried one in Madrid and found the donut to be fresh, soft and sticky sweet. The glazed treat had a nice yeast flavor and it really reminded us of the delicious glazed donuts offered here in the USA at 7-Eleven. We didn't try the chocolate one but we can imagine that it was just as scrumptious.

In Spain, baking giant Panrico owns the trademark to the term "donut" which is why McDonald's Spain must name their donut a "redondo." For the same reason, Dunkin Donuts is called Dunkin Coffee in Spain!
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