Popeyes Hushpuppy Butterfly Shrimp: KILLER SEAFOOD

When you think of fried seafood in The South, one thing most certainly comes to mind, hushpuppies! These fried cornmeal fritters are usually served as a side dish, but Popeyes has brilliantly combined the traditional hushpuppy with shrimp to create their new Hushpuppy Butterfly Shrimp. Plump shrimp is butterflied, dipped in sweet cornmeal batter then deep fried until golden, pillowy and crisp. They come served with new Popeyes Cajun Cocktail Sauce, which has an impressive kick of heat from horseradish, red pepper and paprika.

This new seafood product had us howling with delight because it was so darn delectable! The shrimp and cornmeal together tasted like a homemade hushpuppy and shrimp hybrid. It was also delicious with the new dipping sauce and went perfectly with the cajun fries and buttery biscuit that come with ordering the combo.

If you see a Popeyes, run over and give these lil puppies a try. They'll have you barking for more!
The hushpuppy has been an important staple in Southern cuisine for generations. They supposedly got their name because they were originally used to toss to the dogs during mealtime to "hush" their hungry barking and whining!

For a limited time only at participating restaurants

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