Robocroc (2013): DINNER & A B-MOVIE

Throw on your swim trunks and bikinis and bust out the suntan lotion for this THRILLING WET & WILD DINNER & A B-MOVIE!

* Nachos Supreme w/ Chili & Bacon: INDULGE in REAL WATERPARK JUNK FOOD!
* Monster Energy Ultra Blue: FUEL UP on POOL WATER (colored) MONSTER DRINK!
* Candy Crush Sour Fruit Gummies: There's an actual CROCODILE on the box!

Feature Film:
"Robocroc" (2013)
"Robocroc" is modern B-movie magic from beginning to end with loads of amateurish acting, pulse-pounding action and low-grade visual effects. You'll be soaked with excitement as you take the chilling plunge on this horror/science-fiction waterpark thrill-ride. Starring Corin Nemec ("Parker Lewis Can't Lose"), Dee Wallace ("E.T." "Cujo") and a cast of nubile young Bulgarians!

A rocket carrying nano bots explodes and infests a giant zoo crocodile, mutating it into a robotic killing machine. When Robocroc terrorizes a hip local waterpark, it is up to a zoo keeper to try and save the remaining innocent lives at risk. Will he succeed? Or will a ruthless government agent hellbent on preserving the killer crocodile get away with bloody mass murder?
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