Thai Coconut, Mexican Jalapeño and English Toffee Peanut M&M's: FLAVOR VOTE!

M&M's is putting three new limited-edition, international-inspired flavors to the vote! Try all 3 NEW flavors then vote for your favorite at! The winning flavor will receive a wider release once the winner is announced. Which one will you vote for?

This is the most intensely flavored variety of the three contenders. There's a hint of lemongrass lingering in this coconut milk flavored candy and with the roasted peanut, it really tastes like a Thai curry coconut dish!

This variety in the most subtly flavored and tastes the most like a regular Peanut M&M. The jalapeño flavor is very faint at first but a pleasant spicy heat kicks in towards the end. Muy delicioso!

This flavor is also very strong and reminiscent of buttery English Toffee candy. It's cheeky fun!

Must be 13 years old to vote. Voting ends 5/17/19.
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