WenDy's Donuts - Marina Del Rey, CA - Donut City

If you've been to Los Angeles enough times, you'll notice that on almost every intersection there's a donut shop. Strip mall after strip mall has one and we've come to regard LA as Donut City. And for the most part, they're all good! After dinner one night in Marina Del Rey, we were still hungry so we wandered into WenDy's Donuts on Lincoln Blvd and ordered a half dozen donuts to take back to our friend's house. The decor of the location itself looked unchanged from the 80s (not a bad thing) and was inhabited by some questionable, homeless looking patrons. Since it was later in the day, the donuts didn't look too fresh and we were a bit skeptical about our purchase.

Back at the house, our good friend who is very experienced in donuts went ahead and nuked the sweet goods for a few seconds. By doing so she brought them back to life and after the first few bites we knew that we were eating something of top quality. All of the donuts tasted homemade and fresh and we found ourselves laughing and giggling from all the sugary deliciousness. Our personal favorites were the pink frosted with sprinkles and the coffee roll, which we suggest eating from the inside out as each layer tastes better and better the further out you go.

Although we much prefer Miss Donuts in Culver City, WenDy's Donuts was solid and we could see ourselves going back for a late night, or early morning, munchy treat.
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