White Castle Shrimp Nibblers and NEW Potato Bacon Chowder: Hot Vittles

Are you craving something different for lunch?

It's still wintery cold outside and White Castle is making it easy for you to have a comforting hot midday meal made up of exciting new menu items. Shrimp Nibblers are back for a limited time and White Castle's new Potato Bacon Chowder is the perfect side to accompany these golden crispy sea critters.

Like all of White Castle's fried options, Shrimp Nibblers are fried to order so they are guaranteed fresh and piping hot. These perfectly seasoned bites are especially delicious with White Castle Zesty Sauce. Try them also with a steaming cup of Potato Bacon Chowder with hearty chunks of potato, celery, onion and carrot with smoky bits of bacon in a creamy chowder base. This belly warming meal combo is the ideal winter lunch and it'll only set you back 570 calories!
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