7-Eleven Fresh-to-Go Pizza: A $2.92 Lunch Story

Lunchtime at the office.

His stomach grumbled as he peered skeptically into his wallet -- only 3 bucks. Searching the banks of his memory, he remembered that one cold night he picked up dinner for himself and his bespectacled young friend at work. He had hungrily stomped through the frigid winter crowds aiming his sights on the neon splendor of that 7-Eleven on Broadway that had glaringly advertised in its window an entire Fresh-to-Go pizza for $5.99.

Yep, that was a tasty dinner. Hmmm.

This time he strolled down Broadway as the weather had warmed up and the pace at work was summer-slow.

The round pizza pies behind glass welcomed him as he entered,"A slice of each, please."

The clerk rang him up, "$2.92."

Sitting back at his desk he grinned as he dunked his lukewarm crust into the cold, gelatinous blue cheese dip.

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