A White Castle Dream Date

It was like a dream, a fairytale, the stuff of legend. An ivory tower beckoning with the promise of tantalizing treats.

The Romantic Date at White Castle Tasting Menu:
  • Bacon Cheese Sliders w/ House Ketchup

  • Crispy Jalapeño Sliders w/ Cheese

  • Savory Chicken Ring w/ Cheese Sliders with Mayonnaise and Hot Sauce

  • Fresh Fish Sliders w/ Jalapeño Cheese

  • Chewy Clam Strips w/ Zesty Sauce

  • Crisp Fish Nibblers w/ Zesty Sauce

  • Onion Rings w/ Sweet Honey Mustard

  • Gooey Mozzarella Cheese Sticks w/ Marinara Sauce

  • Strawberry Fanta and Cherry Coke

Want to tell that special someone how much you love them? White Castle is currently taking reservations for Valentine's Day where they will provide romantic sit-down dinners with table service!

For reservations: http://www.whitecastle.com/promotions/2013valentinesday
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