Bad Bunny Cheetos Adidas Fashion Collection: DEJA TU HUELLA!

Bad Bunny Cheetos Adidas Deja tu Huella

Bad Bunny and Cheetos have teamed up to release an exclusive Adidas fashion collection!

Multi-platinum Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny and Chester The Cheetah have come together to release the Cheetos x Bad Bunny Collection by Adidas, and they've done it in a totally innovative way! On July 22nd, fans rushed to the Cheetle iD website to try and get early access to the collection. Fans had to first eat Cheetos and get cheddar dust, know as "Cheetle," on their fingers. Using "Cheetle iD" digital technology, the site could then detect if there was Cheetle on their fingertips. The first 100 fans to pass inspection won early access to the collection, which consists of a cheetah tracksuit and two unisex cheetah jersey tops.

Fans who failed to gain access can still purchase the collection when it officially drops on August 6th. The fashion collaboration is part of the Deja tu Huella ("leave your mark") campaign launched in 2020 between Cheetos and the global recording sensation Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny Cheetos Adidas Collection
Bad Bunny Cheetos Adidas Deja tu Huella
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