Banana Ketchup, Orange Cakes, Peanut Punch & Other Curious Munchies: Grocery Shopping in St. Lucia

When visiting a foreign country, it's always fun to check out grocery and convenience stores to discover new foods and beverages that are not available or popular here in the USA. On a recent trip to St. Lucia, Snaxtime went shopping at the Super J Supermarket located in the Rodney Bay shopping area. 

One of the standout items we noticed was banana ketchup! We actually ended up trying it on some fried fish cakes and thought it was quite tasty. It tastes just like it sounds, ketchup that's made with bananas instead of tomatoes. 

Being on a tropical Caribbean island, it made sense to see snack cakes come in fruity flavors. We jumped on the Kiss brand Orange Cakes the second we saw them. The plain cream filled orange flavored cupcakes were delectably simple, but the addition of sweet pink strawberry icing made them even better. These were some of our favorite finds on the island!  

The peanut punch was also a unique item that caught our attention. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to sample it (groceries are very expensive there!) but we did drink some Icy Cream Soda and thought it was a solid sweet drink with creamy vanilla notes and lots of carbonation. 

The Bear Paws (Pattes d'ours) cereal bars and Koo-Kies! breakfast cereal were fun finds and something we have never seen before. And the packaging for El Coco Rico Coconut Cream and Easy Bake flour were intriguing and clearly designed to attract local customers.

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