BEST EXTREME FAIR FOOD: The Big E Fried Bacon Mac n' Cheese Bites & Mini Donuts Bucket!

From fair classics like corn dogs and fried Oreos to new-fangled concoctions like deep-fried martini's and blueberry pierogi sundaes, The Big E, "New England's Great State fair," is the place to be for extreme munchies. While almost anything you get is guaranteed to be naughty, fun and tasty, we've narrowed it down to our two favorite fair snacks, Fried Bacon Mac n' Cheese Bites from E.B.'s Restaurant, and Mini Donuts Bucket from The Donut Family!

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The Donut Family has been slingin' out freshly fried mini donuts since 1973 and their Mini Donuts Bucket is a classic fair food find that is sure to please your hungry gang of fairgoers. These scrumptious, sweet and simple sugar-coated donuts jump fresh from the frier right into an adorable collectable bucket. Everyone will be scrambling to grab a handful and you just might need to go back for a refill. Oftentimes the simpler the snack, the better the taste so keep an eye peeled for these tiny delicious donuts.

Fried Bacon Mac n' Cheese Bites from E.B.'s Restaurant are new this year to The Big E. Bacon mac and cheese is rolled in panko breadcrumbs, deep-fried then smothered in American cheese sauce and smoky bacon bits. We love that this new fair food is over-the-top in concept but textbook in flavor. The combination of macaroni and cheese with bacon is quintessentially American and the added step of deep-frying the mac and pouring on piping hot cheese sauce and bacon chunks only further solidifies this grubby snack as an instant classic. The taste and texture of these crunchy treats is top-notch. We're sure these bites will be served for years to come at future Big E's.

Happy snacking!

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