Big Daddy's Restaurant, Massapequa, NY: Cajun Cuisine

As a surprise, a friend of ours took us to Massapequa, NY for a mystery lunch. We had no idea where we were going to chow down until we pulled into the parking lot of Big Daddy's Restaurant. The super cool retro sign claimed to serve "New Orleans Cuisine" which immediately made our mouth water and our tummy grumble. The building looked very unassuming and all-business: the perfect spot to get some serious grub on! Check out our order below:

This was a seriously sweet and delectable libation concocted with some of our favorite liquors! Vodka, coconut rum, melon liqueur, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice and sour mix are blended together and served over ice. The waitress/bartender forgot to include the cherry and lime garnish the first round, but it didn't detract from the tropical taste of this killer cocktail. We gulped it down before the first course arrived!

For real these are some of the best wings we've had in recent memory! The restaurant doesn't serve the wings with any dipping sauce (or maybe the waitress forgot to put it on the plate), but the fried chicken morsels really don't need it! The sweet and slightly spicy sauce with a touch of fruity mango was just perfect and the wings themselves were fresh from the fryer and super moist inside the crispy skin. Heavenly!

Now this is more than just a salad. Once again, this was one of the best caesar's we've had! And the portion is enormous -- it could probably feed a family of 5. For this sinful salad, Big Daddy's tosses crisp Romaine lettuce with spicy croutons, shaved Locatelli Pecorino Romano cheese and house made caesar dressing then tops it with spicy blackened shrimp. It was so good we couldn't stop eating it!

For this hefty sandwich, Big Daddy's grills up an 8oz. Black Angus burger then tops it with gooey melted jalapeño Jack cheese, spicy andouille sausage and chipotle sour cream salsa. What can we say? It was amazing! The bun was nice and toasted and all of the ingredients inside melded together to make a unique and tantalizing burger experience. The burger came with cajun fries and a pickle spear. We asked the waitress for some ketchup and ranch (she brought us a tasty chipotle ranch) which really livened up the already jazzy fries.  It was all so darn good, we can't stop thinking about this burger!

This really turned out to be a rewarding meal and we are so grateful that our buddy introduced us to this happenin' spot. We for sure want to come back to sample Big Daddy's impressive dinner menu and maybe try and leave room for one of their homemade desserts.
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