Blue Velvet Cake - MILK - Los Angeles

Red velvet cake has been enjoying a surge in popularity for years now. Many sweet snack foods come in red velvet flavor and every bakeshop from coast to coast has their own version of the crimson confectionary. A few years ago, while visiting friends in Los Angeles, we discovered a rare treat similar to red velvet cake that was so delectable that it had us obsessing over it ever since - BLUE VELVET CAKE!

Milk Bakeshop and Ice Cream Parlor is a popular destination in West Hollywood, and for good reason. They are famous for their divine ice creams and baked goods, but for us the standout star is their Blue Velvet Cake. The super moist Smurf-blue cake tastes a lot like red velvet cake, which is typically made with cocoa and buttermilk (and a splash of vinegar), but there is also a wonderful blueberry flavor in this cake (and actual fresh blueberries) that pairs perfectly with the silky, tangy white chocolate cream cheese frosting. There is even a chocolate covered blueberry topping every slice! This cake is very intense and rich, so we don't recommend eating it every day. But, if you're ever in LA and you feel like treating yourself to something very special, grab a slice of Milk Blue Velvet Cake and let the magic happen.

We've included a bonus picture of the rad looking Milk Cupcake in a Cone. We didn't try it, but we sure wish we had!

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