Serving two locations in Manhattan, Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter is slingin' some of the city's best fried chicken. We went the other day, and trust us when we say that this is comfort food you need to try for yourself. As our server said, you can close your eyes and point at the menu and not be disappointed by what you pick. Here is what you need to know:

For your first time, do yourself a favor and order the Chicken Little which comes with three pieces of fried chicken (the best parts: a leg, thigh and wing), a buttermilk biscuit and coleslaw or fries, all for a measly $10. The chicken is crispy and delicious to the bone with a homemade taste like something you'd get at grammy's house. Try it with a little honey or hot sauce (which Bobwhite graciously supplies). The honey also tastes great on the buttermilk biscuit, which is one of the best we've had in NYC. It's buttery, flaky and so daggone good you'll want another one. The fries are also top notch. They're perfectly fried and flavorful with lots of yummy salt. The coleslaw is decent, although not nearly as good as KFC's (but really, what is?).

The Fried Chicken Sandwich is solid and gives a lot of the other chicken sammies in the city a run for their money. It's simply served with bread and butter pickles on a potato roll. Although we really dug it, you might want to ask for some mayo to help it along. The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is even tastier with the addition of spicy buffalo sauce, cool blue cheese and fresh spinach. Order this version if you're looking for a more full-flavored experience.

One of the real stars of Bobwhite is their Macaroni and Cheese. This sinful dish is rich and scrumptious with tons of ooey gooey cheese. We loved it!

Bobwhite serves authentic sweet tea for those looking for something toothsome. And if your sweet tooth is still hungry, ask for the Banana Pudding. This decadent dessert is smooth and creamy with fresh bananas, soft Nilla Wafer cookies and loads of lavish whipped cream.

If you're a fan of down home cooking, run to Bobwhite and grab a seat at the counter. The food is just about perfect!

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