Burger King Mac n' Cheetos: DANGEROUSLY CHEESY!

Burger King has just unleashed the ultimate munchie snack for junk food lovers and it's called the MAC n' CHEETOS. For this new hybrid food product, BK cooks up a new take on creamy mac n' cheese and makes it "hand-held" by coating it in Cheetos flavor then deep frying it. We found these Cheetos-shaped croquettes to be super fun and extremely tasty. The crispy Cheetos flavored coating is perfectly delightful with the tender, rich macaroni and cheese filling. Cheetos' signature cheesy flavor is present, but not overpowering, and it's the savory mac n' cheese flavor that really comes through.

Overall, we loved these new portable Mac n' Cheetos! If you're a serious junk food aficionado, run, don't walk, to try this curious new snack product while supplies last.

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