Cadbury Mini Eggs: Best Ever Easter Candy

Why does the fluffy chick look so sad? Probably because we're going to eat all of its eggs!

The shelves at grocery stores and pharmacies are already being stocked up with Easter candy. If you happen to see Cadbury Mini Eggs, don't bother looking around for anything else (but keep looking for these) and grab a bag! First introduced by Cadbury in 1967, these little chocolate eggs are more like chocolate flavor bombs. They taste like rich chocolate with creamy condensed milk flavor that is dipped in a crunchy pastel candy coating.  They're so delectable, you'll be chirpin' 'n' hopin' after one nibble!

Cadbury Mini Eggs are one of Snaxtime's favorite Easter treats, so make sure you go on an egg hunt for these festive sweet treasures.
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