Channel Changin' BMO: Adventure Time McDonald's Happy Meal Toy (2014)

If you blinked, you missed it. In January, McDonald's, in partnership with Cartoon Network, released a line of Adventure Time Happy Meal toys. We were lucky to get one as they were so popular most McDonald's were sold out of them within a matter of days. We got #4 of 6, Channel Changin' BMO, which comes with moveable arms and a holographic face that "changes channels" to different expressions when you view him from different angles.

The release of these toys was not without controversy. Many fans of the show, and people in general for that matter, denounced the decision by McDonald's to release the Adventure Time toys for boys only. None of the female characters from the show were made into toys (only Finn, Jake, BMO and Ice King were) and during the release of the Adventure Time Happy Meal toys, Paul Frank Happy Meal toys were released as the girl toy option.

Despite the poor marketing decision, this cute BMO toy is full of personality and a cool collectable for sure.
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