Charms Candy Sour Balls: BEST OF AMERICA'S SNACKS

We are taking a bite out of America's best snack foods!

The Charms Candy Company has been making fruity candy for decades right here in the USA. Although they are most well known for their Charms Blow Pops lollipops, we especially love their Charms Candy Sour Balls. Charms Candy Sour Balls come in 6 juicy flavors: orange, cherry, lemon, lime, grape and pineapple. The balls are indeed a bit sour but they are more sweet than anything and we absolutely adore their old-timey fruit flavor. For us, the standout flavor is pineapple, but there is certainly a favorite flavor for everyone.

There is something so simple and almost industrial that makes Charms Candy Sour Balls beautiful and distinctly American. The candy tin has an attractive retro/vintage design and makes for a wonderful, decorative container once the candy is long gone. And the candies themselves are truly charms, like round magical gems that instantly put smiles on faces when eaten.

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