Cheez-It Extra Toasty Crackers: WELL-DONE CHEESE SNACK!

"Well done, fellow Cheez-It fans ... Well. Done."
- Cheez-It

With snack food companies obsessively scrambling to come up with imaginative new flavors, we've become quite numb to novel variations on snack food classics. Cheez-It, however, has really caught our attention with their NEW Extra Toasty Crackers. After years of fans asking for a box of all "extra toasty" cheese crackers, Cheez-It has answered the call with a new product that revels in being well-done.

And how do they taste? Like burnt cheese! Cheez-It toasts these crackers a tad past their limit creating a flavor sensation that is borderline bitter. And although we much prefer the milder flavor or regular Cheez-It, we were fascinated by the taste of Extra Toasty and found this new product oddly addictive. Of all the creative new flavors of snack foods we've encountered over the past few years, this one really stands out because it's essentially just burned flavor -- and it's really tasty!

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