CRUMBNUT: CRONUT Knockoff Crumbs Bake Shop NYC

Although the Cronut lines have somewhat died down at Dominique Ansel's Bakery in NYC, it is still nearly impossible to get your hands on the croissant/donut hybrid sensation that has swept the imagination of the snacking world.

But why get up early and devote hours of your day for some culinary fad when you can roll into a Crumbs Bake Shop and instantly get their version of the Cronut, the CRUMBNUT?! Rumor had it there was a wait for these treats as well, but we walked right into a Crumbs on 8th Street in the Village and left 2 minutes later with one of each variety of their new knockoff creation.

The Bavarian cream filled Crumbnut is the way to go if you're having a hard time deciding what to get. The first bite is just heavenly with layer upon layer of buttery, flaky fried croissant dough stuffed with sweet, smooth Bavarian custard. The "Plain" variety of the Crumbnut is also very rich. The powdered sugar is just sweet enough and enhances the full-flavored dough nicely.

How does the Crumbnut stack up to the Cronut? We don't know because we've never tried a Cronut! But we feel the knockoff Crumbnut is a good substitute until the day we're willing to wait in line for Ansel's monster confection -- if that day ever comes.
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