Crystal Pepsi Returns: RAD RETRO RARITY!

After months of anticipation, Pepsi has finally brought back the 90s sensation, Crystal Pepsi! Sold in 1992 until 1993, Crystal Pepsi was Pepsi's answer to the everything clear and pure fad of the early 1990s. This cola alternative was popular at first but sales quickly fell and Crystal Pepsi was subsequently pulled from supermarket shelves. The product became the pinnacle of nostalgia for Pepsi enthusiasts and garnered somewhat of a cult following, so when Pepsi announced in December of 2015 that the product would be returning, fans were elated.

Pepsi, however, is no stranger of failing to deliver on their promotion rollouts. After a disastrous limited release of Pepsi Perfect, the Pepsi of the future as featured in the 80s movie "Back to the Future," Pepsi botched up again with their promotional release of Crystal Pepsi by making it impossible for fans to get their hands on it. Product was scarce following the August 8th nationwide release, and has since been very limited. While folks in New Jersey can find the product just about anywhere, it took us two weeks in NYC to find just three bottles. It's fair to say that the limited distribution at launch has created more frustration than hype amongst excited Pepsi loyalists.

So is the struggle to find Crystal Pepsi worth it? In a way, yes. The product tastes just like we remember which is a smoother, cleaner cola taste with a refreshing tang. Finding the product was exciting enough, and cracking open an ice-cold bottle and experiencing Crystal Pepsi for the first time in over 20 years was well worth the effort.

If you're feeling adventurous and want to find Crystal Pepsi for yourself, try your luck with the Pepsi Locator, but try calling stores first before venturing out because Crystal Pepsi sells out quickly, especially in areas like NYC where the product is very scarce.

For the ultimate retro flavor experience, enjoy your frosty Crystal Pepsi with a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos!

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