Dominique Ansel Ultimate S’mores: CAMPFIRE CLASSIC!

Attention campers! Celebrated pastry chef Dominique Ansel has taken the summertime favorite, s'mores, and kicked it into high gear with his Ultimate S'mores! For this decadent treat, Ansel sandwiches crunchy speculoos cookies (spiced shortcrust biscuits) with high-quality milk chocolate shards, Maldon sea salt, dark chocolate ganache, caramelia (Valrhona chocolate-covered puffed rice) and a giant honey marshmallow. You won't believe the insanely delicious explosion of flavors and textures when you bite into this luxurious confection. Each Ultimate S'mores is blowtorched to order so get in line at Dominique Ansel Kitchen for this supreme version of the campfire classic!
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