Dorado Tacos: Mexican Street Tacos in NYC

After eating several lunches at Dorado Tacos on 12th Street in New York City, Snaxtime has whittled down the menu items to the two best tasting offerings. The star on the menu is the Shrimp Taco (the 2 on the right in the photo): beer battered shrimp is nestled onto a bed of shredded jicama and sweet pineapple salsa and topped with rich crema (Mexican sour cream), all on top of 2 soft white corn tortillas. The runner up is the Baja Original Taco (taco on the left in the photo): beer battered Atlantic whitefish is presented on 2 soft white corn tortillas with crunchy cabbage, pickled onions, salsa fresca and crema. This 2 shrimp/1 fish taco combo is the right price and sure to satiate your midday taco cravings! Both tacos are lavishly scrumptious and will make you crave them long after you've gone home for the day.

While we think these are the best options, every menu item at Dorado is freshly prepared and delicious so you really can't go wrong with an order. We've included the menu so that you can arrive to Dorado knowing what you want to order on the spot since the lines move quickly at this happening Mexican street food spot with Baja California flare.
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