Doritos Jacked 3D Bacon Cheddar Ranch: FUTURE SNAX

It seems as though the future of snacking is upon us with Frito Lay's Doritos Jacked 3D. We tried the Bacon Cheddar Ranch flavor of this chip that promises "A 3D video in every bite."

The packaging of this new product is sleek and robotic and certainly gives a cool vibe, like a snack prop from a sci-fi flick. The back of the bag instructed us to use our smartphone and go to JACKED3D.COM to experience "the first chip ever with bite-sized 3D videos inside." We love the play on the word "chip" and were excited to try this out. The site prompted us to use our phone's camera (iPhone 5C Version 8.3) and take a picture of an intact chip. We then aligned the chip to the parameters given and the app scanned it. Unfortunately, we were given an error message and instructed to try again. We tried FIVE more times with 5 different whole chips and kept getting the same error message. This was a real let down as we even had a pair of 3D glasses ready for the experience. After the fifth attempt we gave up.

The chips themselves are palatable, although the texture is a bit dull. The ingredients list real buttermilk, cheese, spices and bacon fat and all of these flavors are detectable. It's really the ranch and cheddar flavors that shine through the most and it definitely feels like you're eating a Doritos product. Overall, the chips were tasty but nothing to write home about.

Although the concept is fun, Doritos Jacked 3D Bacon Cheddar Ranch were not exciting. Clearly, the scanning technology needs to be improved/updated since most people won't have the patience to keep trying to unlock the videos. And as for the flavor and texture, regular Doritos are way better.

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