DQ Banana Split Blizzard: The Blizzard Zone #BZ04

We are featuring a different Dairy Queen Blizzard flavor every month for a year!*

Dairy Queen's website really makes the Banana Split Blizzard look and sound great: strawberries, pineapple, chocolate topping and banana are all blended together with creamy vanilla soft serve. We were excited to try this particular flavor, but to our surprise it was a complete disaster!

Whoever made our Blizzard only blended a trace amount of "chocolate topping," strawberry and pineapple with the vanilla soft serve which resulted in a grey colored ice cream that tasted bland. There were very few strawberry pieces, only one tiny chunk of pineapple and NO banana pieces at all! It was a tasteless, unappealing mess with no texture. The Blizzard also arrived slightly melted and without the Chili Cheese Dog we ordered alongside it. The dog came trailing behind after a few bites of our Blizzard.

*subject to change

On a side note, the Chili Cheese Dog was scrumptious and we quickly forgot about the Blizzard fail. The bun on the dog was perfectly soft, chewy and a lil sweet and the skinless dog and savory chili were smoky and rich and tasted wonderful with the melty shredded cheddar cheese.

To be fair, the fault in the Blizzard being so bad lies mostly in the employee who made it. They clearly took no pride when assembling the Blizzard and what could have been a delicious experience turned into a major disappointment. Having actual banana and more pineapple, strawberry and chocolate would have helped tremendously, but we'll more than likely never order this flavor again.

Stay tuned for another flavor next month!
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