DQ Chips Ahoy Blizzard: The Blizzard Zone #BZ03

We are featuring a different Dairy Queen Blizzard flavor every month for a year!*

This month, Dairy Queen is teaming up with Chips Ahoy brand chocolate chip cookies to bring us the NEW Chips Ahoy Blizzard Treat! We've all had the classic ice cream flavor combinations cookies 'n' cream and chocolate chip cookie dough, and cookies and milk seems as old as time, so it's only natural that DQ would want to combine their cool creamy soft serve with such a recognizable cookie brand like Chips Ahoy. For this flavor, DQ blends together vanilla soft serve with chocolate topping, Chips Ahoy cookie pieces and "choco chunks."

We really enjoyed the flavors in this new Blizzard and the texture was pleasingly unique with the bite from the choco chunks and with Chips Ahoy's almost sandy cookie texture. The addition of chocolate topping really pumped up the chocolate taste and complimented the signature cookie flavor from the Chips Ahoy pieces. The one thing we do wish that they did differently was add actual chocolate chips instead of the choco chunks, which are more like choco shards. But that aside, this Blizzard is a true ice cream success story!

*subject to change

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