DQ Peanut Butter Monster Cookie Blizzard: The Blizzard Zone #BZ07

Dairy Queen is at it again with their new Peanut Butter Monster Cookie Blizzard. This time around, DQ whirls together frosty soft serve ice cream with M&M'S chocolate candy, peanut butter choco chunks and peanut butter cookies, and we can't think of a more perfect blend of flavors. The taste and texture of peanut butter, chocolate, cookies, cold ice cream and crunchy candy is a winning combination. We hope to see this become a regular staple on the DQ treats menu, but given the news that Mars, Incorporated might pull M&M'S from all fast food dessert menus over health concerns, it remains to been seen just how long this new flavor will last.

image dairyqueen.com
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