Dr. Alien (1989): Dinner & A B-Movie

When they shot the blaster
The pink laser glowed
And your shiny glasses
Lit up like neon

Looking for an UNEARTHLY good time this friday night? Try this SUPERSONIC idea for an OUT OF THIS WORLD DINNER & A B-MOVIE!

* Chili Cheese Dogs w/ Fries: EAT the same drive-in meal they eat in the movie!
* Shasta Diet Cola: DRINK the same soda vending machine refreshment they drink in the movie!
* Alien Ice Cream: ENJOY a real alien dessert!

Feature Film:
"Dr. Alien" (1989)
This may be the opus of Cult/B-movie master David Decoteau ("The Brotherhood III: Young Demons"). "Dr. Alien" is a frivolous, sexy, funny and thoroughly enjoyable sci-fi erotic comedy starring 80s sensation Billy Jacoby and legendary comedic actress Julie Landers. Decoteau pumps this amusing gem full of color and witty lightheartedness, making a fantastical comic adventure that is sure to tickle whoever watches it. Jacoby and Landers give stellar performances and there are tons of humorous and titillating cameos from famous B-movie/Scream Queens like Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, Ginger Lynn Allen, and Elizabeth Kaitan!

There is something strange going on with the sultry new biology teacher, Dr. Xenobia. When nerdy student Billy is asked to stay after class, he finds out the HARD way that Dr. Xenobia is actually a seductive alien scientist who wants to inject Billy with an extraterrestrial sex potion! Soon Billy is the talk of the school and NO girl can resist his newfound alien sexual magnetism. Will Billy ever get back to normal, or will he forever be under the lustful control of Dr. Alien?!
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