Dunkin' Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich: PLANT-BASED MEAT!

Dunkin' Donuts has unveiled a NEW plant-based sausage sandwich and we tried it out just for you! The Dunkin' Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich is now being served at select locations in Manhattan with plans to release nationwide. This vegetarian sausage patty uses Beyond Meat branded sausage with American cheese and egg on a toasted English muffin. The Beyond Sausage patty is meaty in texture and tastes a lot like the real deal. With the gooey cheese, fluffy egg and toasty muffin, this meatless patty tastes so yummy and realistic that meat eaters will be clamoring to try it for themselves.

If you're in the NYC area make sure you try a Dunkin' Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich for yourself before the nationwide rollout!

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