Fette Sau: NY's Best BBQ is in Brooklyn

We got there early while Fette Sau was still closed to make sure we'd be the first in line. The locked metal fence taunted us as our tummies growled -- we even joked of jumping the fence and getting tangled in the barbed wire 5 minutes before opening. At 12 sharp (it was a Saturday) the fence was pushed aside and we were allowed entrance, walking down the long alley towards the promise of NY's best BBQ. Fette Sau is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and has been on the lips and minds of New Yorkers for only a handful of years, but the impact it's made is undeniable. Voted NY's Best BBQ by Zagat since 2009, the meat here is top notch quality and their American whiskey selection is still the most comprehensive in the city. You order cafeteria style by picking what you want from the fresh options displayed behind the counter. Your BBQ is sliced, weighed and put on brown butcher paper and any sides are also served and put on a metal tray.

Our lunch menu:
1/4 lb Berkshire Pork Belly
1/4 lb Black Angus Sirloin Tip
Berkshire Hot Sausage
Berkshire St. Louis Style Pork Ribs
Creamy Mac-n-Cheese
Potato Rolls
Bubble Up Lemon Lime Soda
Key Lime Pie

Mind blowing. We devoured our lunch in record time and fantasized about coming back. Everything was spectacular. Usually Fette Sau has really long lines, so our trick of meeting up 15 mins before opening was great because we had first dibs on the piping hot, freshly prepared BBQ 'n' fixin's!


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