French's Mustard Saucewich: Vintage Recipe (1957)

We tried out this vintage French's Mustard Saucewich recipe from 1957 and the results were astonishing! This 57 year old magazine recipe ad promised that the savory sauce could turn an ordinary sandwich into a hot, delectable main dish in just minutes, and sure enough, it did. We tried it over a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. The sauce was super creamy and rich with tangy notes from the mustard a subtle sweetness from the ketchup. The sandwich drank up the velvety sauce and was transformed into a gourmet masterpiece. We also tried dunking a potato skin with cheddar and bacon into the Saucewich sauce, and boy was that a great idea! The potato, smoky bacon and sharp cheddar tasted even better with the smooth and creamy mustardy gravy. With French's Saucewich sauce the mealtime possibilities are endless. Try it out for yourself; we've transcribed the recipe below. Enjoy!

French's Saucewich Recipe

Basic Sauce:
1 tall can evaporated milk
1/3 cup ketchup or tomato paste
1/3 cup French's Mustard

Scald milk in double boiler. Blend in ketchup and mustard thoroughly. Serve hot on toasted or grilled sandwiches, closed or open-faced, or on toasted English muffin.

Lots of Sauce-and-filling variations; for instance: 1) Add tuna to Sauce, serve on toast. 2) Add deviled or ground ham, pour over poached egg on toasted English muffin. 3) Add grated cheese, cover 'burger on bun.

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