Funyuns Steakhouse Onion Flavored Rings: CALORIE CRUNCHING COPYCAT!

The secret is out. That luscious and mouthwateringly delectable fried Bloomin' Onion with creamy, spicy bloom sauce from Outback Steakhouse has a whopping 1,954 calories and 155 grams of fat. Sure, this tempting treat is hard to resist, but there is a way to satiate your Bloomin' Onion craving without breaking the scale, all thanks to Frito-Lay's NEW Funyuns Steakhouse Onion Flavored Rings! An entire bag has only 350 calories and 15 grams of fat, and these fun, crunchy rings are made with the same ingredients as the restaurant "Aussie-Tizer" version, like onion (powder), garlic and sour cream. And they contain other wholesome ingredients like enriched corn meal, buttermilk, and tomato (powder). This Funyuns flavor really tastes like the real thing so blast away those Bloomin' Onion urges with this tasty, light (textured) snack brought to you by Frito-Lay North America, Inc!

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