Gingerbread Twix: Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

It's going to be a great year for Christmas stockings.

Mars has released limited edition Gingerbread Twix and the results are both naughty and nice! They're naughty because the gingerbread cookie covered in gingerbread caramel and rich milk chocolate is a devilish combination that is immediately addictive. But they're more nice because the unique flavor is so fun and unmistakably Christmas. Giggles will ensue as wrappers are torn open and curious snackers try to decipher the magical flavors. These Twix certainly taste like gingerbread, but the addition of chocolate and caramel also make it taste like sweet, creamy chai.

While eating Gingerbread Twix, you'll be smiling ear to ear like a gingerbread man before he's dunked in eggnog!

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