Happy Meal "Hamburger Guy" Toy (1988): Fisher Price Fun with Food McDonald's Exclusive

In 1988, Fisher Price released an exclusive line of plastic toys for McDonald's Happy Meal called Fun with Food. This colorful collection of classic McDonald's food items come to life is to this day the coolest line of Happy Meal toys we've ever seen!

In October of 2013, we featured Soft Drink Guy, a jovial soda cup creature with a winning smile and wearing the iconic red and yellow stripe McDonald's straw. We hinted back then that we also really wanted Soft Drink Guy's rad buddy, Hamburger Guy, and this year Santa finally caught wind!

Hamburger Guy is undoubtedly the main course of the group. His sizzling burger meat smile, happy eyes and snazzy bowtie will win you over every time you glance his way. He even comes with a mustard, ketchup and pickle slice sticker to add to the fun! We've never seen plastic food look so totally, out-of-this-world awesome!

Instructions included. 

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