Hershey's 5th Avenue Chocolate Candy Bar: Best of America's Snacks

We are taking a bite out of America's best snack foods!

It's been around since about 1936. It hasn't been advertised since 1993 and most people just walk right past it, paying it no mind. It's one of those candy bars folks have seen, but don't bother to pick up. Hershey's 5th Avenue chocolate bar is a forgotten relic of the past, but we here at Snaxtime think it is one of the most delicious candy bars on the market!

The packaging says it best: "Crunchy Peanut Butter In a Rich, Chocolate Coating." The divine simplicity of this classic candy bar is what we love the most about 5th Avenue. The peanut butter center is crunchy and sweet with a nice confectioner's sugar taste to it. The chocolate coating is indeed rich and wonderfully smooth.

Next time you're in the candy aisle, skip the Butterfinger and give 5th Avenue a try. Rediscover what this underrated treasure has to offer!
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