Hill Country Chicken NYC: Classic Fried Chicken w/ Fixin's & Dessert

It had been a while since we've been to Hill Country Chicken on Broadway and 25th Street in Manhattan (they now have a Brooklyn location as well).  We always remember it as a place where the food won't disappoint, the kind of no-frills restaurant where the focus is on comfort food made fresh and delicious. Their classic fried chicken is certainly something to write home about and arguably some of the best we've had.

We went for lunch the other day and were reminded of just how magical this place is. Their Classic Fried Chicken is brined, seasoned, dipped in buttermilk, coated, deep fried and finished with Hill Country's signature shake. We always get a leg and thigh when we go and the meat itself is juicy, hot and flavorful. The coating is crispy and seasoned perfectly, with a nice touch of sweetness that makes all the difference. Try the chicken with some Texas Pete Hot Sauce for an added kick. Their Cheesy Fried Mashed Potatoes and Pimento Mac & Cheese are loaded with gooey hot cheese and are incredibly rich in flavor. If you go, ask for some biscuits and make sure you eat them with butter and grape jelly. The biscuits are flaky and buttery and the added jelly makes them a special treat that'll bring the kid out in you.

We finished this stellar lunch with a mini caramel apple pie and a mini s'mores pie. We asked them to heat the pies up and to make the apple pie à la mode. The caramel apple pie was insanely lush and tasty with a flaky, rich crust and sweet sticky caramel that tasted wonderful with the apples. The s'mores pie was chocolatey and silky with a sweet toasted marshmallow creme topping. We didn't care much for the burned pieces of something we couldn't decipher on top of the marshmallow, but we just picked them off and the pie was easily saved.

If you're in the mood for topnotch southern style fried chicken 'n' fixin's, Hill Country Chicken is a sure bet!

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