Ho May Kitchen: Old School Brooklyn Chinese Food

The food at Ho May Kitchen in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn is so tasty they have to cook it behind bulletproof glass!

Ho May Kitchen has been serving honest American-style Chinese food to the local community for decades. As new luxury condos and hip restaurants go up seemingly overnight in the neighborhood, Ho May Kitchen and their food stay the same. The bulletproof glass is a throwback to when the neighborhood was more dangerous, and as the area transforms, the food at Ho May remains no-frills delicious.

We tried the Sesame Chicken Dinner Combination w/ Pork Fried Rice and an Egg Roll for $8. The dark meat chicken was fried nicely and drowned in a savory, sweet garlic sauce with the perfect amount of kick. The sprinkling of sesame seeds added a subtle complimenting flavor. We especially loved the fluffy, flavorful yellow fried rice which was loaded with cubed roast pork, crunchy white onions, snappy scallions, fresh sprouts and topped with tender sweet broccoli. The egg roll was huge, super crispy and stuffed with piping hot cabbage and ground pork!

For a tasty old school dinner, stop by Ho May Kitchen and pick up some yummy Chinese vittles. Next time, we wanna try the Ham Fried Rice!

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