Japanese Oreo Soft Cookies & Chocolate Bar Mini: NEON STRAWBERRY FIELDS

Nabisco Japan is harvesting the fruity taste of sweet strawberries with their Oreo Soft Cookies and Chocolate Bar Mini. These products are made for the Japanese market, but we found some at a Dainobu Japanese Deli and Grocery in NYC. We tried these imported treats and what we discovered is truly mind bending!

Oreo Soft Cookies: Here in the USA, Oreo Cakesters were available for several years so the discovery of Oreo Soft Cookies from Japan was not that shocking. But the Japanese version has the added twist of not only flavoring the creme with strawberry, but also adding a dollop of strawberry flavored gel in the center of every soft cookie sandwich. While the cookies were palatable overall, we found the taste to be somewhat medicinal, like strawberry flavored cough syrup. We were left scratching our head and wishing we just had some Cakesters instead.

Oreo Chocolate Bar Mini: This Japanese snack consists of mini chocolate candy bars filled with crunchy Oreo cookie bits and strawberry flavored crisps. The strawberry flavor was once again very astringent and artificial but overall the snack was tasty and oddly addictive -- we couldn't stop popping these mini chocolate bars and they seemed to taste better the more we ate them! We much preferred Oreo Chocolate Bar Mini over Oreo Soft Cookies.

While it was fun to try these imported treats from Japan, we would rather eat American Oreo products in the future. That being said, it is indeed interesting to try a Japanese product that is inspired by classic American junk food.
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